A tradition in prestigious and established art institution like Moma(Metropolian Maseum Museum Of Modern Art)New York, the production of Fine art Prints is now going to make the Indian masters available to devoted art lovers. For the first time in the country we have what the call, a Serigraph Studio. Conceived by art collector, Lavesh Jagasia the core focus of the studio lies in the publishing of contemporary India Fine Art Prints, mainly serigraphs, in signed and Limited Editions by established senior artists and promising young talent. For Jagasia, the Key Factor Lies In the Uniqueness of each piece: “They are not exact photographical replications of original painting, there is something different done on the print, to preserve the authenticity of the print.” Each print is signed by the artist and accompanied with Certificate of Authenticity. with time, Fine Art Prints That are well looked after, do appreciate in value.


L' Officiel India
Dec 2005