‘Artists get working on copies of prime works'


HERE's AN ART house which has embarked on a novel venture. It's called The Serigraph Studio and it is collaborating with topnotch painters to churn out original, hand-crafted prints of artists' works. The Mumbai studio has networked with around 20 painters to come up with multiple serigraphic compositions, in the original, of prints, paintings and drawings created by the artists.

The serigraphs, conceptualised, monitored and signed by the artists, are produced in Europe based on standards prescribed by London's Fine art trade guild (FATG).

Among the artists with whom the studio has tied up are S.H. Raza, Jogen Chowdhury, Jehangir Sabavala, Rameshwar Broota, Paritosh Sen, Sakti Burman, Ganesh Haloi and Lalu Prasad Shaw. “The Serigraph Studio was conceived around 2003. The project is aimed at promoting fine art prints of original compositions. These prints revolve around hand-crafted prints. The prints will be in serigraphic medium. The serigraphs are conceived by the painter and one may see a degree of image manipulation vis-a-vis the original. These prints are not to be confused with photo-mechanical, offset reproductions which are marketed overseas and in India as art posters,” Mr Lavesh Jagasia, director of The Serigraph Studio, told ET.

“We chose to go for the serigraph medium because it extends far greater latitude, amongst the prints media, in terms of the colour spectrum, Mr Jagasia said

Economic Times - Chennai
04 Nov 2005